Holger Christian Lönze

Sculpting the Ocean

Holger Lönze is a sculptor working in bronze. His sculpture is a poetic response to Europe's Atlantic seaboard: its rich maritime culture, early literature, archaeology and coastline. His formal vocabulary conveys visual metaphors that are merged with imagery drawn from early Irish literature and voyages in self-built curachs resulting in intersecting anthropomorphic, maritime and avian forms. The physical conundrum that only in sculpture two or more forms can occupy the same Cartesian space at the same moment of time, is a distinct formal characteristic of Holger's visual language: individual forms intersect and penetrate each other, man becomes bird, ocean occupies the surface of bells and sails. Holger's research interest in experimental archeology is central to fabricating his work, as prehistoric casting and repoussé are combined with innovative technology, offering a unique contemporary approach with a deeply sustainable ethos.

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